Game of the Month

To finish 2007 on yet another high is Naughty Dog's absolutely brilliant Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Featuring Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider elements, wrapped together with Naughty Dog's own personal style, this game rocks.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

One of the best gaming series of all time makes its entrance on PS3, with the developers fresh from the success of Resistance: Fall of Man. This superb title is one of the best on the console, allowing you to take place in a wonderful, tense, comic and exciting adventure.

Ratchet and Clank Future


As the big-hitting games prepare for the Christmas competitive spirit, the Playstation Store continues to throw out decent titles. PixelJunk Racers is a tidy little party game featuring miniature cars and a surprising amount of fun. Not the greatest monthly winner, but a fine title.

PixelJunk Racers



Taking online play to new levels, Warhawk allows you freedom to take to the skies or battle on the ground in huge 32-player arenas. It's a magnificent achievement and a breath-taking game to play, making it a clear winner for game of the month.



Though it's partly due to a lack of competition during the lean summer months, Heavenly Sword is a decent game with excellent visuals and solid gameplay. While not as spectacular as the early PS3 titles, there's a lot of fun to be found in Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword


Though it's really just a basic "shoot the asteroids" game, very similar to Blast Factor, there's something that sets apart Stardust from other games. Great music, snazzy visuals and extremely addictive gameplay make this game of the month for July.

Super Stardust HD


After all the serious stories, shooting, survival and fights with demonic evil, Calling All Cars! provides a truly refreshing and entertaining experience for PS3. Ideal for parties and a bit of casual fun, Calling All Cars! is a "hoot".

Calling All Cars!

In contrast to Resistance, this shooter requires a little more patience and a lot of tactical play. Another port from the X-Box, but not a lazy one, GRAW 2 is an excellent addition to PS3's swiftly improving line-up of games.


Though it may be a year old, the fantastic Oblivion is now available for PS3, with improvements such as reduced loading times. This spectacular RPG quickly establishes itself as the best RPG available on PS3.


The first game you buy on a console is often extremely important. For me, there was Wipeout 2097 on PS1, SSX on PS2 and now Resistance: Fall of Man on PS3. Thankfully, Resistance is one of the greatest FPS games I've played and a fantastic introduction to online gaming.

Resistance: Fall of Man

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