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Fighting off fierce competition from awesome store titles such as Soldner-X and Crash Commando, Prince of Persia reigns supreme in December. This beautifully crafted title sees a return to the kind of form shown in Sands of Time. It is truly brilliant.

Prince of Persia


This charming, and highly underestimated, game developed by Sega is a wonderful strategy RPG that provides a real change from the usual macho glory of games like Resistance. Valkyria is my game of the month, despite immense competition from LittleBigPlanet and Resistance.

Valkyria Chronicles



Featuring Rapture, a beautifully crafted world, filled with unique, interesting and often scary individuals, Bioshock is a game that will make you question your morals, your ability and more. This truly brilliant title should not be missed.




Costing very little from the store, this staggeringly good game is a contender for Game of the Year. It is a truly stunning return to form for the Wipeout series and is easily one of the best racing games around.

Wipeout HD

Ratchet returns, and scoops a second Game of the Month award, in Quest for Booty, a continuation of the first game of the series on PS3, available on the Playstation Store. It's short, but it's brilliant.

Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty



Though it was tempting to award the phenomenal Metal Gear Solid 4 a Game of the Month tag for a second month, space is made for Echochrome. Though slightly lacking in polish, the idea behind Echochrome is superb, and the game is ideally suited for the Playstation Store.


With Grand Theft Auto IV still fresh in the memory, PS3 is treated to another incredible game, with Metal Gear Solid IV. Featuring Solid Snake once again, this game takes you on an impressive journey. I cannot recommend this game enough.

Metal Gear Solid 4


In the eye of the storm formed by GTA IV and MGS4, this impressive little store title gets to feature as MeteorStorm's Game of the Month. It's a solid shooter that makes interesting use of sound in combination with the shooting.

Everyday Shooter


Though it perhaps isn't as amazing as I may have hoped, GTA IV is an amazing game with literally thousands of possibilities. It is the perfect toybox for adventure and crazy behaviour, brought forward to the PS3 generation.


No Winner



With nobody bothering to release games around the releases of Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid, March has no actual winner. Fingers crossed for the big games of Spring and Summer 2008.

No Winner



Fighting dinosaurs and people, instead of just people, is something that gives this game an instant edge over the competition. Sadly the shooting isn't quite at the Resistance standard, but it's an excellent game, making Turok the Game of the Month.



Playstation consoles aren't normally lacking in racing games, but with few big hitters on the scene (Gran Turismo is still a way off), Burnout Paradise brilliantly fills a void, with an excellent arcade racing experience.

Burnout Paradise

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