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A game doesn't have to be a massive blockbuster to achieve greatness. Braid will make gamers think, it'll make people relax, it'll make everyone appreciate the true core of gaming. Braid is a beautiful winner taking the final award in 2009.


With more humour, charm, imagination and fun packed into a single level of A Crack in Time than the entirity of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, there's little to stop Ratchet and Clank claiming their third monthly award on MeteorStorm.

A Crack in Time

A possible contender for the best gaming sequel of all time, Among Thieves improves on (the already-brilliant) Uncharted in every way, resulting in one of the most stunning games on PS3, and some of the most exciting gameplay. An easy choice for October.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves



With 85 cracking songs from the start, finely tuned menus, great challenges and some of the best multiplayer action around, Guitar Hero 5 takes the music genre on PS3 to a new level. Rock to Rammstein and more in the best game on PS3 this September.

Guitar Hero 5


Going against the usual theme where games based on films or comics are entirely rubbish, Arkham Asylum is one of the best games of the year, thanks to a clever combat and control system, an entertaining plot and decent visuals. A clear winner in August.




Though July has been a quiet month for major disc-based releases, the store has seen the arrival of a whole raft of superb games, not least of which is Shatter. Featuring top-notch ball-breaker gameplay and fantastic music, Shatter rules July.




The game of the month is arguably the re-release of Final Fantasy VII, but on PS3 the arrival of the powerful, though rough-edged, Prototype adds another fantastic game to the line up, and the best on PS3 for the month of June.




Though it's not without flaws, inFamous is an ambitious title, and one that achieves a great deal in all that it attempts to do. With a little bit more bite, and some more time spent polishing, it would have been incredible, but even in its realized form, it's still a superb release, and the best in May.




They might be old, but the pink pyropunks return for classic worming action that still provides great entertainment, even in a world with Metal Gear, Oblivion and Warhawk. Maintaing 2-D gameplay and providing some cracking weapons, Worms deserves the title Best Game in April.


Though it's not perfect, the Command and Conquer series arrives in fine form on PS3, providing the best game release for March 2009. Fight for the Soviets, Allies or Rising Sun in real-time battles filled with insane technology and firepower.

Red Alert 3



Despite massive competition from beat-'em-up legend Street Fighter, big-budget shooter Killzone 2 and addictive puzzler Lumines, Flower rules February providing one of the most unique, relaxing and enjoyable experiences on Playstation 3.


No Winner



In a quiet opening to 2009, there's no game kick-starting proceedings, aside from a bit of DLC for LittleBigPlanet. As a result, there's no winner at the start of 2009.

No Winner

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