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Alexey Pajitnov's classic puzzler finally makes an appearance on Playstation 3, years behind class acts like Lumines, but still possessing such classic gameplay that the game is a thoroughly deserving winner this December.




Though not as perfect as many had hoped, Gran Turismo 5 arrives on the scene as the best release this November, despite strong competition from Fallout New Vegas and Hot Pursuit. Prepare to sink hundreds of hours into this monster racer.

Gran Turismo 5



Withstanding strong challenges from Enslaved and Castlevania, it's the incredible Vanquish that stands out in October, with epic set pieces, an imaginative futurisitc setting, hard-as-nails gameplay and some superb boss fights.




The arrival of Playstation Move in September led to the release of several store titles and full disc releases designed to utilize motion control. The best of the bunch, by some margin, was Flight Control HD, with addictive gameplay and a tiny price tag. Landing planes ruled the roost in September.

Flight Control HD

Sporting funky new cooperative play, Lara Croft makes here first proper new entry on the PSN, with the Guardian of Light, the winner this month partly due to a lack of competition, but also because it's a nifty little store title.

Lara Croft



Though partly due to a second quiet month of releases, DeathSpank, a role-playing, action combat game set in a universe filled with crazy characters and ridiculous humour, is a worthy winner of the July award, thanks to superb dialogue, enjoyable action and imaginative design choices.



Finally receiving a European release, June's award is dedicated to an absolute masterpiece, Demon's Souls, a game that will challenge players unrelentingly, and whose completion will provide a greater sense of accomplishment than any other on PS3.

Demon's Souls

It might not be natural to expect that a Grand Theft Auto-style game would work in a Wild West setting, but thankfully it does, and brilliantly too. Competition from ModNation Racers is not enough to stop the superb Red Dead Redemption from taking the game of the month slot in May.

Red Dead Redemption

March was such a staggeringly amazing month for game releases that April was never going to match it, but the release of anime fighter BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger provides a welcome change of pace. Featuring rapid combat and daft storytelling, Calamity Trigger is something fresh for April.



In another incredible month, the PS3 sees the release of Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3, but it's the epic from Square Enix that steals the MeteorStorm monthly award, thanks to its interesting plot, polished visuals and addictive RPG gameplay.

Final Fantasy XIII

In one of Playstation 3's most stunning months since its original release, three incredible games fight it out in February, but it's Star Ocean that narrowly edges out Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain, thanks to its deep, involving plot and incredible lastability.

Star Ocean



Bayonetta's victory is not entirely owed to the lack of competition in January, since the game is actually very enjoyable, with a high level of polish. Ignore the over-the-top innuendo, and there's plenty of fun to be found here.


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