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After an epic October and November for PS3, there's no special game to take the monthly crown this December. If Rayman had been just a week or two later, it would have been a sure thing.

No Winner

In a stunning month for Playstation 3, games like Uncharted 3 are denied the monthly award by the incredible Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With hundreds of hours of awe-inspiring gameplay, Skyrim becomes one of the all-time greatest PS3 titles, and the best game this November.




With no need to import this time, Dark Souls gets a European release early on, and immediately begins subjecting players to some of the toughest gameplay on offer. This superb RPG follows in the footsteps of Demon's Souls, easily takes the October crown and promptly devours it.

Dark Souls



Following on from the events of Resistance 2, things are looking bleak for humanity. Amidst chaos and ruin, Joe Capelli fights for the survival of his family and the human race in a moving adventure that continues the greatness of the Resistance games.

Resistance 3

The sci-fi shooter series famous for its more thought-provoking storylines makes its debut on PS3 with Human Revolution, a top-notch stealth shooter and thoroughly enjoyable adventure that comfortably walks away with the August award.

Deus Ex



Harder than Optimus Prime and quirkier than a Studio Ghibli comic relief character, Catherine the game is very different to the smoking-hot leading lady by the same name, but everything about both the game and all of the main characters is incredible, making Catherine an easy choice this month.




After a delay during the PSN outage, Outland finally arrives, and it's even more stunning than expected. This atmospheric store title combines the best elements of platform gaming and creates something truly beautiful.




Despite some niggling flaws, like the absurdly rubbish AI, Brink is an accomplished shooter that manages a great deal of success in some of the exciting areas it tries to take on. The focus on co-op play is admirable, and Brink deserves the award in this quiet month.




An incredibly tough decision in April, with the brilliant Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes released so close to Portal 2, but it's Valve's inventive puzzles and superb co-op mode that secure their game the award for this month.

Portal 2



Though it's not as incredible as Bioware's other amazing RPG series, Mass Effect, the second Dragon Age game on PS3 is an RPG to be reckoned with. There's a lot of exciting hours of gameplay in this terrific game.

Dragon Age 2



With Mass Effect 2 landing in January, and other big hitters like Portal not arriving until the Spring, February is left clear for Killzone 3, a very decent shooter that improves on Killzone 2 in every way.

Killzone 3



The PS3 version of Mass Effect 2 utilizes an updated game engine, comes equipped with additional content and remains one of the greatest games of all time. An easy winner in January, despite great competition from Dead Space 2 and LittleBigPlanet 2.

Mass Effect 2

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