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This is the first article in a new section of the MeteorStorm site, dedicated to image processing. The intended novelty is that all test imagery will be from Playstation 3 games. To give a flavour of the features due to arrive in this section, the following list contains the titles of a few projects in progress (working titles):

- Uncharted: Treasure Hunter

- Tomb Raider: Boob Detector

- Ratchet and Clank Future: Regions of Interest

- Metal Gear Solid: Stealth Camouflage

A few other articles will be featured, including a custom trophy card, but in preparation for these activities, the current article includes just a single screenshot of a low-resolution capture from Killzone 2. Visually, this will be of almost no interest, but it was a useful test of the software used (the magnificent MATLAB) and a good way of establishing useful code for later use. There's nothing exciting yet, but this section will grow considerably over the next few months.

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