The following links will take you to other places on the web that I highly recommend. Hope to see you again sometime.

Vong Nation - As a proud member of the Yuuzhan Vong clan, I regularly visit the YV forums to discuss games and plan meetings. There is a public section where requests for membership can be made. It should be noted that the clan is only a small group of friends, not in any way competitive, and new members met online would usually be people met on a regular basis who turn out to be "jolly good chaps/ladies".

Vong Nation

Adrian.MeteorStorm - Alternatively, coming soon, a new addition to the MeteorStorm site. More on this when information becomes available.

MeteorStorm Random Quote Picker



We're a lot alike, you and I. You tested me. I tested you. You killed me. I ki--


Wait... I guess I haven't killed you yet. Hmmm.


Food for thought during this next test.