PS3 arrives!

The before

Thursday, March 22nd 2007. Three of us waited patiently for a local store to open their doors at midnight so that we could go and pick up one of the first UK PS3s. Though one of our group was feeling under the weather that night, we were all there to have fun opening and trying out Sony's new console.

PS3 looks even better in real life

For me, the wait would be marginally longer. Having ordered elsewhere, my own console wouldn't arrive until the next morning (dependent, of course, on Parcelforce managing to get to the right city), but this didn't dampen the enjoyment of seeing a PS3 firing up with Motorstorm inside and trying one of the frantic races. If anything, it only helped build the anticipation for the next morning.

The opening

Friday, March 23rd 2007. PS3 arrives. To give Parcelforce some credit, they managed to deliver my own PS3 safely and very promptly (my dislike for the delivery company is a long story, but this helped me go a long way towards total forgiveness). As a result, I was able to open things up and check on the console during my day at work. After what felt like weeks later, I headed home to get things plugged in and ready to go.

First experience

After starting up the PS3 and marvelling at it's relative silence next to other recent consoles, I setup an internet connection and downloaded the most recent updates for PS3. With everything running as it should, it wasn't long before I was able to sign up for the Playstation Network and start downloading games like GT HD Concept and demos for launch titles like F1 and Ridge Racer.

The main attraction, of course, was the games. I popped in Resistance and gave it a quick whirl, charging through the first level and discovering that everyone who had said the game was hard was... exactly right! I had to really slow the pace down and think carefully before charging across open ground in order to survive the assaults from enemy Chimaera. After an exciting half hour, it was time for some Motorstorm.

Resistance: Fall of Man

I won't go into the full details for these games - impressions from our reviewing team will arrive in the reviews section very soon. Suffice to say, the two launch games ordered with the PS3, Motorstorm and Resistance, are well worth the money and it wouldn't be hard to recommend them to anyone.

The start of a happy friendship

The first 24 hours with PS3 were a blast. I couldn't think of a better way to start things off. Great things to download, excellent games to play right from the go and a shiny, sleek beast purring quietly waiting for it's next tasks, these are the things that have made the arrival of PS3 so special for me.

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20:54:57, May 11 2009

Happy memories! It's been more than two years already, but I still have a lot of fond memories of the early days in PS3's life.

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