Autosave nightmare


Autosaves. Right, now, normally, surely, you'd expect to load a save game, play for a bit and, in the event that an autosave is performed, the game will save over your *currently active* game.

Now how many games do this:

I did a quick Bioshock demo for a friend last night. Thinking it'd be fun to show him my earlier save (I have two, one current and one that is way, way, waaaay back), I loaded it up and we had a wander about the earlier stages. Forgetting about the autosave, I went from the Farmer's Market to Arcadia.

Argghhhhh! Though it raised an alarm bell at the time, I assumed the autosave would only overwrite the active save, not my recent one (and note that the most recent one was a specific save by me, not just a slot specifically used by autosaves).

Nope. Here's a summary of the events:

(i) I loaded my *old* game.

(ii) I went through an autosave.

(iii) The game was overwritten on my newest save.

For those familiar with the acronym: FFS.

Hours and hours of Bioshock progress lost. In many ways, it doesn't matter. The game is so good that it's worth playing that stuff again, but that's not the point. I don't have time to do things over and over, and would appreciate it if Microsoft-style bugs could be kept away from games released on the Playstation 3.

This ramble is, therefore, placed as a warning to any Bioshock players that feel like providing a demonstration using an earlier save game. Simply put: don't. Bioshock. Grrr! You can tell it was developed for X-Box first. Red lights of rage.

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