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Importing games isn't something I do often. In fact, Demon's Souls was the first time I'd tried it. Incredible reviews of the game led me to the decision to purchase it; to risk an online import, and it's a choice I've never regretted. I won't replicate the words used in the review, but will add that Demon's Souls is a breath of fresh air, a game that sheds the many burdens of modern gaming and produces something that brings nothing but satisfaction to those willing to immerse themselves in the experience. The game takes no prisoners, but never cheats. This game won't have arcade-style catch-up, continues or any modern trickery. What you see is based on a clear set of rules that, while potentially very tough on the gamer, are upheld consistently and strictly, without fail.

Demon's Souls

There's still the option to import the game, but in the EU, it's no longer necessary, thanks to the release of the incredible Black Phantom edition. It was rumoured that the game would never make it to the EU as an official release, but thankfully the game finally sees its way to EU shores, and comes with bonus additions like art books and a soundtrack CD - a superb deal for those who've managed to wait.

Demon's Souls

Rather than ramble further, I would simply recommend reading the review on this site or elsewhere, and will leave the game with one last endorsement: it's almost (almost!) tempting to buy it again for the Black Phantom edition - the game is just that good.

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