Gran Turismo 5 preview


With Gran Turismo 5 now scheduled for November 3rd, it seemed like a good time for a preview of one of the most anticipated Playstation 3 titles.

Game details

Title: Gran Turismo 5

Publisher: Sony

Developer: Polyphony Digital


Standard edition - standard game.

Collector's edition - contains the game, a dynamic theme, five special GT5 art cards, a GT book and a commemorative case.

Signature edition - contains the game and contents of the collector's edition, alongside a 1:43 scale model of the Mercedes SLS AMG, a branded USB key, a competition entry card and a GT leather wallet.

Track preview

Curso Del Sol, Madrid


Rome Circuit




Top Gear Test Track

Confirmed (exciting) vehicles

Just look at the detail in these cars, for example, the Mercedes AMG:


General Features

Standard A-Spec - racing mode confirmed

Director B-Spec - confirmed for driver development


Car damage (exterior, physics) - confirmed for all cars.

Car damage (exterior, dents/scratches) - confirmed for all cars.

Car damage (exterior, panel loss) - confirmed for premium cars.

Car damage (interior) - unconfirmed.

Detailed full car upgrading and tuning - confirmed not a cut down affair.


Kart Racing - confirmed.

Track editing/creation - confirmed (but will be basic).


Nascar series - confirmed.

Custom sountracks - unconfirmed.

Photo mode (including walking mode) - confirmed.

3-D gaming for those with the appropriate kit - confirmed.

Illuminated dust - confirmed, look how good it is:


Online Features

Online lobbies with voicechat - 32 players, confirmed.

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