My HDD ain't big enough!


... but it doesn't matter! If you have a 60Gb PS3, it's likely that the amount of free space, after system updates, but not including downloads of games and stuff, is around 50-55Gb. If, like me, you've then downloaded lots of demos, games, videos and pictures, you may well have a HDD with this much space:

2,998 Mb.


So, the time for HDD replacement is here. In this ramble, I'll detail the process I undertook in replacing my HDD. I can't guarantee it'll work for everyone and would like to emphasize a total lack of responsibility (you know the usual blurb that most companies like to attach to absolutely everything now that we live in a blame society). Now, about the new hard drive:

HDD requirements (size, type, connections)

- Size: 2.5"

- Speed: 5400 rpm (7400 rpm might be possible, and would be cool, but may cause overheating issues)

- Connection: Serial ATA.

- Capacity: Bigger than 60Gb, you noOb.

Risks and consequences

Changing the HDD, apparently, doesn't void the warranty of your PS3, but I'd verify this for yourself before you act.

Make sure you make backups of anything important for transfer. I guess that, in the worst case scenario, you can go back to your old drive and try again, but the more these things are unscrewed and pulled around, the more likely it is that damage will be caused from ESD or whatever.


- Equipment required: a new HDD satisfying the conditions above; an external HDD (formatted as FAT32) to make a backup.

- Tools needed: a ph1 or ph2 sized Phillips screwdriver (flippin' small and fiddly - don't force the screws!).

- Backup: connect the external HDD by USB and select: Settings - System Settings - Backup Utility - Backup.

- Prepare the PS3: turn everything off, unplug it all, and get ready with the screwdriver.

- Turn off the ps3 and unplug all cables from the rear.

- On the right hand side of the PS3, there is a plastic tab with an HDD sticker. Remove this using a thin lever.

- Be careful of static discharge (consider a small metal loop around your wrists to protect the equipment).

- Undo the blue screw in the middle.

- Lift the tab and push the HDD right and you should be able to pull out the drive.

- Remove the four screws that hold the oem SATA to the HDD carrier.

- Install the new HDD with the label facing up and ports exposed, using the four screws.

- Insert the HDD and carrier to the right of the ps3 hard drive port using the tab.

- Slide the drive into the left using the tab until it's secure.

- Secure the HDD with the blue screw.

- Reinstall the HDD port cover.

- Turn on the machine, format the HDD and restart the machine again.

- Restore the backup data, by selecting: Settings - System Settings - Backup Utility - Restore.

- Restart the machine and hope for the best!

If you decide to try it, good luck! It's definitely worth doing (I'm swiftly filling storage space in a 300Gb drive), but be careful as you do it.

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