The Other Halves


It'd be great if it weren't the case, but gaming on Playstation 3, especially online, is currently a male-dominated sport, at least outside of the music genre anyway. Though female gamers in online shooters aren't unheard of, they are certainly a rarity and, in places like Home, you're far more likely to meet a teenage boy pretending to be a woman, despite them being named, suspiciously, something like dAve_09_rocka, than you are a genuine lady. The reason isn't that women couldn't wipe the floor with us men in an online game of Resistance, it's undoubtedly just down to interests and priorities, which don't always align with computer gaming. That said, two recent surprises gave me hope that perhaps men might get their other halves interested in gaming from time to time, as mine proved both her knowledge and gaming ability.

Meeting a good friend in a hut-inhabiting pizza restaurant, a group of us were discussing upcoming PS3 releases, and deciding which we were most looking forward to. As the conversation began to slow, with each of us running low on ideas, my other half piped up with an suggestion of her own. Before I could even gather together a patronizing "don't worry darling, this is just man talk", out popped the title of one of the most important games due for release in the next twelve months, which all of us had forgotten until now: Bioshock 2. I was so proud at that moment, and clearly wasn't alone in my amazement. The surprise only grew however, as she even recalled the confusion over whether the subtitle, Sea of Dreams, would be included in the game's final title. Still in shock, I assumed this was probably a one-off experience and filed it away for future review.


Only days later though, I was shown that it's not just the knowledge ladies possess: they're talented too! In an enjoyable game of Worms, with the win requirement set to two rounds, I found myself literally demolished by the opposing squad of four. Each enemy worm was named after a plant, adding an extra layer of innocence to my other half's relentless army as she proceeded to obliterate every worm on the map. Every rocket and grenade was perfectly placed, followed by "Oops, sorry!" and a sweet little giggle. With my last remaining worm taking refuge on the far side of the map after a quick teleport ride, my initial feeling of relief and safety was swiftly shattered as a well-timed homing missile roared around the cliff and doubled back on my position.


With the game over and four plucky horticulture-inspired worms still standing majestically atop the snow-covered cliffs, practically unscathed, and totally unperturbed by the barrage of counter fire that had done little more than provide a display of fireworks to celebrate their inevitable victory, I was once again full of pride for my other half's achievement. Certainly it doesn't compare with the incredible things she achieves in areas more suited to her usual talent and ability, but in my own gaming arena, I had been entirely outdone in two distinct ways, and I couldn't have been more pleased. Bring on the other halves, and perhaps we can raise both the ability and maturity of the Playstation 3 userbase.

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