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Spending three weeks without a PS3 was obviously not a planned event, and it's a great relief to have finally replaced the broken machine. Having spent literally days re-downloading games and software updates (everything useless comes across on a backup, including videos, pictures and all that stuff, but games, demos, utilities and some game saves are locked to a particular PS3, meaning you have to re-download the stuff), I was almost ready to get back to gaming, but there was still one important task remaining: the retrieval of Valkyria Chronicles. This fantastic game was stuck in the old PS3 when it broke down, and since I chose to buy a new replacement, rather than go for the refurbished model offered by Sony, I would have to get the disc out myself. This ramble contains a few photos from that entertaining experience.

Under the hood

The first step involved removing the star-headed screw under the warranty seal and taking off the top cover. Underneath, the disc drive was fairly easy to seperate from the machine.

Under the hood
First glimpse

Seperating the top cover of the disc drive gave me my first glimpse of the disc stuck inside, and strong hope that I'd be able to retrieve it.

First glimpse

Finally, after removing something like 20 screws from various locations, the disc was reachable. Even better than that, it still works, as does the salvaged HDD from the broken machine. I sincerely hope I never have to do anything like that again with broken equipment.

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22:05:45, May 29 2009

like the before and after sledge hammer


18:13:21, May 12 2009

One month on, and it's so good to be back in the land of PS3, able to go back into the world of Valkyria Chronicles.

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