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Admittedly, Aqua Vita isn't really a game, which may make it seem out of place in this review section. However, it is certainly a title that adds an extra layer of variety to the Playstation 3 experience. Aqua Vita is available for download from the Playstation Store, for less than the cost of a pint of beer. The slight hitch is that it refuses to play without the assistance of the Playstation Eye. With this flaw put aside, what the game offers is actually one of the more tranquil experiences on the console. Much like flOw, the game relies not on big budget effects and complex operations, instead providing a relaxing atmosphere of calm and interest.

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Aqua Vita is simply a fish tank... in your television. There is just one scene available: a beautiful coral reef, realised in high definition, and there are a variety of fish that swim through the tranquil setting. One of the few interactive options available to the user is that the particular species of fish can be altered (though there are less than ten different species available to select). Other than that, there are no settings to change, but some interaction is available through the Playstation Eye. The camera places what it sees as a faint background image to the reef scene so that, if you stand in front of the camera, you appear to be stood behind a fish tank, in some sense. In addition, by waving your hands over the surface of the water, food is dropped into the tank. These features seem only to be gimmicks though, designed to make use of the recently released camera. I also don't believe that any harm would come to the fish if they weren't ever fed (or were overfed).

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So considering that the camera is only used as a gimmick, and yet is necessary to play the game, and taking account of the fact that there's almost nothing to do, why do I still feel this game deserves a score like 4.6/10? The reasons are as follows: firstly, it doesn't make you want to pull your eyes out like, say, Haze does - it causes no offence to anyone - and, secondly, it actually works really well as an interactive background if you're just sat in the living room chatting. Environmental issues aside (never a wise thing), the game can be switched on and left to its own devices to provide a soothing and enjoyable background piece that often atracts conversation whenever friends come to visit. Whether you're sipping coffee after a five-course dinner with friends, or recovering from five-pints too many the previous day, Aqua Vita can be there in the background, helping you through. Bizarre? Definitely, but try putting Haze on with a hangover.

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Simple, hardly interactive, but relaxing


Pretty, though not very varied


Very basic, but it does the job


As long as you want to look at CG fish


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