Flight Control HD

In the first decade of the 21st century, a small white box was released that changed the world of gaming. Though there were many other factors, the advent of motion-control gaming, brought to the forefront by Nintendo's Wii console, marked an era of casual gaming where true gamer's games were somewhat harder to find. On the Wii, classic gameplay was swamped by motion-control gimmicks, making regular gaming almost unrecognizeable. The undeniable success of the system caused other console manufacturers to respond. Sony arrived with the Playstation Move, an effective little peripheral that offered something *extra* to gaming, without trying to destroy the existing setup. Initially, there weren't many games that made use of Sony's new magic wand, which was no bad thing, but one title suggesting that motion control wasn't all bad was cheap store title Flight Control HD.

Flight Control HD

This simple game, featuring a selection of interesting airports (with different runways, helipads, seaplane landings and varying weather conditions), is brilliantly addictive, even after all these days. Using Playstation Move, gamers select an aircraft by hovering over one, and then draw a path to a suitable runway, attempting to steer it clear of any other incoming planes, helicopters or emergency aircraft. Initially, things might seem simple, as planes are easily guided into a snug landing. Before long though, realization will dawn: air traffic controllers don't have it easy. By the time there are multiple aircraft arriving on screen at a time, there will be alarms blazing and fast jets determing to plough straight into tiny helicopters. Aren't they even watching? Why wouldn't they move? Why wouldn't they *just* move? Anyway, things become pretty frantic in this 2D, top-down world, and you'll soon have a spaghetti maze of flightpaths littering the sky.

The game has no objection to you lighting up another Move controller though, so if you've got amigos with you who also desperately want to ensure people have a safe flight, they can join in the fun. Though there might be a little confusion over who does what, it actually makes things a little too easy when there are multiple minds applied to the problem, but that doesn't stop the enjoyment. In fact, hilarity will almost always ensue, especially when players compete over certain plane types or airport locations, and things get truly chaotic when people start hitting the speed-up button as confidence builds.

Flight Control HD

With gameplay that's spiffing fun (and a great use for Playstation Move), and fun multiplayer antics, it's a superb bonus that the game looks colourful and bright, with vivid colours that suggest it'll be okay, even with those proximity alarms hammering away. Of course, you can't expect the world with the game, since it costs so little. As a result, don't expect to see a wide variety of aircraft, an evolving storyline, fancy cutscenes or amazing weather effects. All the fancy stuff, other than snappy HD visuals, is stripped away, leaving pure Playstation Move gameplay. It might be casual gaming, but it's fun.

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Ridiculously addictive; great fun to play


Simple, bold, effective


Also simple, less bold, moderately effective


As long as the addiction lasts!


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