Get Fit with Mel B

Fitness games have become tremendously popular over the last couple of years, thanks to the hand-waving Wii craze of 2008. The wrist-woggling nonsense of Nintendo's game-light applications has has a positive impact for fitness fans and gamers alike, getting people to exercise more than just their fingers. With new motion-tracking controllers spawning across all consoles, there are now plenty of options to try. Though Mel B is unlikely to be everyone's choice celebrity, Get Fit with Mel B is surprisingly well put together, with a variety of fitness options that will have you doing far more than just flicking your wrists at a tennis court.

Get Fit with Mel B

Workouts range from basic fitness, featuring sit-ups, press-ups and the usual activities, through to dance and combat classes that will have you literally springing into action. Combat workouts involve different punch and kick configurations, while dance routines will seriously test your coordination as Mel sweeps through different step and wave combinations. There's also cardio workouts, step classes, pump and tone options, and also the ability to include accessories in the workout, like balls, weights, steps and more. In addition, support is available for the Playstation Move controller and the Playstation Eye, giving the game the ability to track and score your movements, ensuring you take on each routine accurately. If you follow the simple on-screen instructions every workout type is likely to get you breathing harder and likely sweating (unless you're already very fit, but you can soon access options to up the reps and time limits). Ultimately, that's the most you can hope for in any fitness game. It gauges your performance with each workout, allows you to customize your goals, accessories, rep limits, time allowance and even a few periphery features like the background for your workout (ranging from cruise ships to meadows), but the main focus is that you'll be out of breath by the end of the workout.

Strictly speaking, there's no multiplayer, which is disappointing, but there's nothing stopping you. While there's only support for one person with the Move and Playstation Eye functionality, two or more people can happily carry out a routine, and you can even feedback your own agreed score if you decide to disable the motion tracking. The extra social element transforms the game from something you might not rave about at work, to something that you happily take on with family and friends, for both fitness and enjoyment. Even the Mel B tag doesn't seem that bad after a while. Mel, and other former Spice Girls, might not be everyone's cup of tea (frankly MeteorStorm are coffee types), but Mel presents herself extremely well, offering a professional set of workouts, with clear, useful instructions, occasional (but not too irritating) encouragement, and is genuinely likeable throughout, which, quite honestly, was unexpected.

Get Fit with Mel B

There's not a whole lot to comment on visually. Digital Mel performs all the actions you need to follow, and assuming there were no wires attached, demonstrates her own impressive fitness, especially with a particular press-up variant that will surprise many with its taxing strain. The backgrounds are pleasant enough, and it's nice to have the option to change them. Meanwhile, the menus are quite presentable, with all options clearly displayed, which includes access to personal stats, as well as menu options to complement your new fitness regime with a matching diet.

To round things off, there are challenges to take on, featuring medals to earn, and there's a good number of trophies to aim for, that will keep trophy hunters exercising for a good length of time. There's a good chance that the title of this game, particularly the named person, and the nature of the genre will put a large number of people off immediately. For the few that are undecided though, take a chance with this game, especially since it's likely to be pretty cheap if you look around (don't pay more than a tenner these days). For that price, you're unlikely to beat this game for fitness workouts in terms of variety and effectiveness. Bearing in mind that it's even more fun with a good friend or family member, try it out and see if it's the fitness game for you.

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Varied workouts and good peripheral support


Nothing fancy, but workable


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Plenty of goals and challenges


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