Joe Danger

Some of the most traditional gaming concepts, dating back thousands of years (when the first gaming console was created, I guesS) involve navigating a two-dimensional map populated with jumps and drops, picking up random collectibles and often battling against an imperturbable clock. More recently, concepts like pulling tricks, and doing everything in HD have become more popular, but so have bizarre gimmicks and other distractions. Joe Danger is a game that blends the core roots of gaming with the favourite picks from next-generation technology, while missing out unnecessary daftness. A wide selection of positive reviews for the game highlight the purity of the gameplay experience, and the polish that's been added to make such an addictive game.

Joe Danger

The concept is simple: as Joe Danger, stuntbiker extraordinaire, you race through levels, leaping over jumps, bouncing off springs, performing death-defying stunts, all to the amazement of the crowd. Along the way, there are numerous objectives, including coin collection, time trials, points tallies and traditional races. They don't necessarily have to be done all at once, with repeat runs allowed (and even encouraged, given that some levels feature multiple routes). Most importantly, the difficulty curve is brilliantly pitched, with the initial levels gradually introducing players to the nature of the stunts and the game's different modes, while later levels feature complicated levels with enormous, precision jumps requiring expert timing, and dangerous obstacles to traverse.

Joe Danger

To unlock new levels, gamers are required to collect stars for meeting set objectives, and the targets aren't too tricky, which allows swift progression, but you'll still need to go back to completed levels if you want to achieve everything. On top of the game's regular modes, there's a level editor, allowing players to create and share their own levels with the online world of Joe Danger. Though not as flexible as LittleBigPlanet, inevitably some of the most inventive levels will be spawned from the combined efforts of hundreds of thousands of inventive gamers.

Handily, the game looks pretty snazzy too, even if Joe Danger himself looks a little plastic (part of the point though really). The game emphasizes bright, bold visuals, instead of gritty, grey realism, which adds an enjoyable level of enthusiasm. Even when the game starts to get tricky, you'll still find yourself lifted by the bright colours and energetic commentary. The music, though not an orchestral masterpiece, is equally uplifting.

Joe Danger

There's not much to criticize about the game, other than perhaps a lack of ambition. The things the game aims to do are executed perfectly, but the game doesn't threaten to break free from it's PSN Store roots. It's not the sort of game that could be mistaken for a full disc-based release. Still, the gameplay is so brilliantly polished that gamers can easily justify the reasonable cost of the game from the store. Multiplayer and online elements help lift the game a little, leading to a highly enjoyable title.

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Massively addictive gaming akin to SSX


Simple, but crisp, clear and colourful


Slightly annoying voicework, but solid stuff


Lots of challenges and multiplayer to explore



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