The Playstation Store has been populated by several worthwhile titles within the first two weeks of its existence, including new titles like Blast Factor, as well as HD re-imaginings such as flOw, and now this game, Lemmings. The classic green-haired, blue-pyjama-wearing, single-track-minded, more-than-a-little-mental critters return to fling themselves off new, high-definition cliffs, pillars and other objects, usually surrounded by water, lava or other dangerous objects.


Lemmings is a classic puzzler that requires little explanation, but in brief summary: the game involves lemmings being deposited in a two-dimensional level and then walking at a steady pace until they meet an obstacle, fall into a trap or reach a safe exit. Your task is to ensure the survival of the lemmings by enabling, through a combination of special abilities that can be granted to the lemmings, the little creatures to make it to the exit. The abilities include digging, bridge building, blocking, demolition, parachuting (with a comic umbrella) and more. Beyond that, there's very little to explain in Lemmings. The game stays faithful to its puzzle foundations, and uses the new high-definition environment only to boost the visuals, rather than sacrificing the classic gaming. As a result, the game on offer is a shiny, beautiful new realization of a classic game that will have many people happy to see the return of the little Lemmings, and others equally unhappy to see them again.

There's an excellent selection of levels to play, all featuring classic elements from the series and some nice modern features (such as lighting effects that give you only intermittent glances at the level, adding to the challenge). One of the main improvements though is the score-comparison facility. Once you've completed a level, you can compare your completion score (based on time and lemmings lost) to your friends (all those on your friends list) or to a global ranking chart. It's not proper online multiplayer gaming as you might expect in a game like Resistance: Fall of Man, but it's a nice feature that adds a little bit of motivation to replay some of the levels.


For me, personally, the Lemmings formula has been applied a few too many times, and it's not something that I feel pushes the Playstation 3 into anything new, but I have no complaint about the fact that the available game roster is bolstered by solid games such as this. For those looking for rose-tinted gaming action, Lemmings is ideal, and a good alternative to the rapid pace of Blast Factor. There's certainly nothing majorly wrong with the game, but I'd like to see full online cooperative play if another Lemmings title were to appear on PS3. It'd be confusing mayhem between strangers with no headsets, but could really modernize the gameplay. For now though, Lemmings should satisfy puzzle-game fans during the early months of Playstation 3's life.

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Updated for PS3, but simplistic


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