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Bright colours, daft objectives, mad control mechanisms, cutesy characters and bonkers music aren't normally attributes associated with Playstation games, and they're certainly in strong contrast to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid (although it's true that Metal Gear isn't without its own daftness from time to time). Still, every so often, a game arrives that seems entirely designed to brighten up your day, with visuals and gameplay that sing Happy Happy Happy from the moment you press start. LocoRoco Cocoreccho is one such game, providing one of the strangest experiences to appear so far on PS3.


LocoRoco saw great success on the tiniest Playstation in the range, the PSP, with gameplay ideally suited to a handheld console. By tilting the screen, players could affect two-dimensional levels to guide little LocoRocos (small round creatures of wildly-varying colour with cute faces that bounce up and down) to safety. In an ideal world, a conversion to the flagship home console, the Playstation 3, would see masses of new content, inspiration and improved presentation. Sadly, this is not the case with Cocoreccho, though this is reflected in the low cost of the game. LocoRoco Cocoreccho is, basically, a highly-interactive screensaver, in which you control a small butterfly creature capable of emitting energy pulses that attract the little LocoRocos towards you. By guiding the little bubbles to particular locations, you can awaken more LocoRocos, asleep across various parts of the level, until you have enough to fulfill particular objectives (ranging from simple things like standing on top of eachother to reach new heights, or gathering together to provide enough weight to activate a mechanism). It's fairly simple stuff, but there are some interesting puzzle elements to the game that will mean you need to pay attention to protect all your followers.

As far as challenge goes, the puzzles provide a little extra entertainment, but aren't sufficient in number or complexity to provide a real challenge. There are also some enemies to avoid (or the poor little LocoRocos will get eaten up), but again, there's not a massive amount of variety. There are some neat little tricks to uncover though, and some of the puzzle mechanisms are very entertaining to watch. Quite often, the tiny LocoRocos can be left cycling around puzzle areas as you fiddle with various puzzle elements, providing great entertainment everytime the colourful little fellas bounce past. The LocoRocos are slightly reminiscent of Nintendo's Pikmin, though admittedly they're less versatile and willing to solve problems. Even so, they share the slightly comic feel of the Pikmin, and provide a similar feel to the gameplay. Controlling the LocoRocos by sending out attractive pulses from a butterfly is an extremely unusual control method and though it works adequately well, it's not as natural as the screen-tilting antics of LocoRoco on PSP. It's possible that, one minute, every LocoRoco will do exactly what your butterfly commands, but the next, they'll stubbornly refuse to interpret your commands. It's a shame, but it doesn't break the game.


The really attractive element of the game though, other than the comic moments, are certainly the bright colours and funky visuals. To say the game is bright is an understatement. It's like taking part in one of the most vivid cartoons ever created, with a bright white background contrasting strong blacks, reds, blues and more in the foreground, all put together to create a tremendously vibrant land for the LocoRocos to bounce through. The music is also slightly mad, with a tune that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Funny sound effects from various ambient detail in the level (like watermills, for example), the LocoRocos themselves and other things encountered in the level all add to what is certainly a cutesy, bizarre and enjoyable package.

Though it's an extremely short game, it's a bit of fun to play, and actually quite entertaining just to leave to its own devices, since it does very well as a screensaver. The little LocoRocos have more personality than most heros in the average modern adventure these days, and it's likely you'll genuinely care for their well-being. For the cost, it's worth trying this game out and having a little fun, just don't expect it to keep you occupied as long as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Simple fun with interesting puzzle elements


Colourful, bright and effective


Fun music and sounds


Very short, more of a screensaver



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