The Top 100 PS3 Experiences


John Marsden

Rockstar are most famous for their GTA games, which normally feature heavily flawed leads that, quite honestly, often aren't that likeable, and rarely grow on the gamer. Seemingly cut from the same mould, Red Dead Redemption might leave you expecting similar things, but John Marsden is a totally different man, and one that will leave a lasting impression with any gamer.

Though the game is often advertized for its potential bad streak, I suspect many will play it with a strong sense of honour, guided by cutscenes revealing Marsden's misguided past, but truly gentle inner self. He is a man of honour, and one of the greatest gaming leads.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


Blue Phantoms in Demon's Souls

A Blue Phantom is another player character who has offered themselves to other online players, intent on providing assistance in a particular level. The reward: revival. To the point though, when you summon a competent Blue Phantom, the combination of player skill and the style of the game itself can be awe-inspiring.

My first summoning experience conjured forth a player with a lot more experience (on his/her second character at least). The powerful figure rose into the world and charged into the hordes of enemies. Brilliant stuff that inspired me to try to do the same for others.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


An even better gun in Borderlands

A successful hybrid of the RPG and FPS genres, Borderlands sees players gradually improve their characters and weapons as they take on stronger and bigger opponents. One of the most addictive parts of the game is the fact that there's always a better gun out there somewhere, with better reload speed, greater fire power or added elemental effects... you just have to find it.

Every enemy downed, especially bosses, every crate, every mission completed; each is a chance to get a brand new weapon, capable of dishing out improved destructive force. There are even weapon vendors who occasionally surprise you with an epic weapon that simply needs to be bought.

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Closing the final gate to Oblivion

There's a vast array of superb things to experience in Oblivion, with honourable mentions needed for the quest that takes place inside a painting, but the crowning achievement is the final mission to close the gates of Oblivion and restore order to the land. Fighting wave after wave of powerful enemies and finally doing as Patrick Stewart asked... is awesome!

Oblivion gates are big swirly red things that have evil written all over them (possibly in a funny language). Closing them seems like the prudent thing to do, and in this game, it's also tremendously rewarding.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


Cooperative candy in Borderlands

Genuine, full-campaign, all-bells, nothing-missed cooperative gameplay is a rare thing. For many, it's the best form of multiplayer gaming, and it's sorely lacked in the last few generations of gaming. On PS3, that's begun to change, with cooperative gaming making a return with titles like Army of Two and now Borderlands, allowing up to four players online or two splitscreen to work together.

It's the best way to really enjoy a game: playing alongside a good friend, tackling the biggest bads and discovering all the best secrets. Borderlands is also excellent at sharing out the glory, experience and weapons, so there's unlikely to be tears either.

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The menu in Wipeout Fury

It seems silly that just a menu might score so highly, but it truly is something that has to be experienced. The combination of moody effects, as the Fury ship disintegrates and converges in and out of existence, with stunningly powerful music is unbeaten in gaming. This menu alone is enough to send adrenaline pumping, long before you've even begun your first race.

There was nothing wrong with the Wipeout HD menu, but Fury's addition takes it to another level, and puts numerous big-budget games in the shade. Superb.

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Free running in Prince of Persia

When the music is just right, and your rhythm sound, there's nothing quite like a bit of free running in Prince of Persia. The feeling of confidence, of pure speed and agility, is unrivalled. It's like streaking through Mirror's Edge but with reliable controls and big jumps.

Leaping from one ledge, grappling onto a pole, lunging forwards again, taking Elika's hand and cascading forwards further still... the motion in Prince of Persia is superb.

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Spec Ops Evasion in Modern Warfare 2

Despite not being the biggest fan of Modern Warfare 2, largely due to the ridiculous amounts of jam used to illustrate poor health of soldiers in the game, and also because of poorly balanced online play, it does excel in one area: Special Ops cooperative missions. In particular, the Evasion mission.

It's nothing too complicated, but creeping through the bushes in blizzard conditions, working as a team to take down groups of enemies where necessary was tremendously exciting, and it's just one of many excellent missions.

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Galactic exploration in Star Ocean

A concern with modern RPGs, even Final Fantasy XIII, is that too much time is invested in cutscenes and polish, and not enough in breadth and depth of adventuring. Star Ocean maintains its RPG roots, with an epic adventure set across the galaxy, with absolutely tonnes to do and try.

Featuring a fun cast of characters, Star Ocean sees you setting forth across the galaxy. The sense of power from the ships launching, the danger of such bold exploration and the camaraderie of all the shipmates is truly inspiring, and the game is worthy of great praise.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


Being unleashed in Cyrodiil, in Oblivion

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a brave game that makes players work through an hour of grimey, boring, dull, brown dungeons, fighting rats and fumbling around with useless weaponry at the very start of the game. The reward, though, is one of the most incredible moments in gaming history. Finally escaping the caves and reaching Cyrodiil is an unbelieveable feeling.

Cyrodiil is a beautiful place. Emerging from the cavers, the first thing you see is a picturesque lake, surrounded by lush trees, set against a wonderful blue sky. It's a great advert for HD and a terrific opening to a game.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences

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