The Top 100 PS3 Experiences


Rapture in Bioshock

Bioshock is an amazing game, populated with incredible characters. However, the greatest character of them all is not the lead, nor Andrew Ryan, nor Atlas even; it's Rapture itself. The underwater city, invented to let people break free from the shackles of normal society, is an inspired location, and an incredible setting.

Arriving at the city after its purpose has failed, with many parts of the underwater paradise now lying in ruin, players will witness the mighty city acting as a character itself as it struggles under both the weight of the water above it, and the internal pressure from unhappy citizens.

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Warhawk dropships

Something that the original Star Wars film, A New Hope, captured perfectly was cool, powerful weaponry (for example, the quadlasers on the Milennium Falcon). Warhawk manages the same trick with the immense laser canons that line the sides of the Warhawk dropships.

Ploughing through the air on massive repulsors, the dropships can switch control modes to attack, and unleash a deadly, rapid-fire barrage of lasers. It's incredible to see.

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Skateboarding at its roots in Skate 3

The Tony Hawk's series used to rule the roost, but since turning to daft gimmicks and street bling pap, the Hawk brand has slipped, but thankfully a superior replacement has filled the void (or rather pushed out its competitor). Skate returns the skating genre to its roots, with pure gameplay where every small trick counts, not just lunatic-based extreme combos and bad language.

In Skate, it'll initially be a struggle to even succeed with basic kickflips and grinds, but this similarity to genuine skating brings the game closer to allowing true appreciation of the real sport, and it's a breath of fresh air.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


Soaring high in the Warhawk sky

Initial experiences in Warhawk were mixed, with different people tackling the initial learning curve with varying enthusiasm and success. However, one point of total agreement was that the flight, when allowed to explore the skies in the various maps, is a delight. Soaring high, deliberately stalling, then dropping rapidly until engine power is restored - there's some fun to be found in the skies.

It's testament to the quality of the flight in the game that, years later, it's still fun to pick up the controllers and blast around the skies in a Warhawk just for a laugh.

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The Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Everyone thought Batman games would always stay rubbish. Arkham Asylum proved that superhero games can succeed though, largely thanks to its top-notch nemesis: The Joker. Voiced by Mark Hamill (in a good way - not a whining teenager), The Joker is one of the greatest gaming villains of all time.

Possessing great depth of character and a truly complete personality, The Joker messes with Batman at every turn, with the entire game setup as a way to slowly torture the caped crusader. Watching The Joker play is one of the most fun parts of the game.

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Ghostly phantoms in Demon's Souls

The haunted worlds of Demon's Souls are populated by Demon's and the last remnants of a human population struggling to survive the demon rule. However, as you explore the land, you encounter numerous phantoms, some non-player characters in the world, and some online people, carving their own way through their own demonic world.

It's an ingenius use of online play, seeing other gamers tackling the same challenges in their own iteration of the world. On top of that, you can even warp from one world to another, helping out as a Blue Phantom or causing mayhem as a Black Phantom. Cracking!

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Gran Turismo HD demo on launch day

On the PS3's launch day, there was a surprising amount available to do. Instead of there being just a few good games (Resistance, Motorstorm, etc,) there was also the opportunity to try a free Gran Turismo demo, which was an ideal starting point for many PS3 gamers.

Looking tremendous and promising great things for the future, the GTHD demo was a great idea for a launch day download.

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Feeling all-powerful in Super Stardust HD

A Year 1 PSN release, Super Stardust HD is a beautiful, addictive game with a superb soundtrack. The game is at its greatest when the music reaches its peak, the screen is filled with asteroids and enemies, and the player is maxed out with weapons fire being poured in all the right directions. Set your skill level to Awesome.

The fanciest games with the bestest graphics in the whole wide world can struggle to match the adrenaline-pumping brilliance of Super Stardust HD. Immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy.

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Stalling in Warhawk

How stupid, you might think, but stalling is one of the coolest things in Warhawk. Pick a map, head straight upwards into the sky and wait for the stall indicators; now hit the boost! You'll have loads of momentum, and when you stall, you'll soar, with the engine cut out, for thousands of feet, plummeting towards the map below, able to see everything.

The best is still to come though: eventually the engines kick back in. With the right timing (boost as you regain control) and good volume, it's perfect!

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences


The ending of Modern Warfare (no spoilers)

It's amazing that, in a game that doesn't exactly make you give a monkeys about even the big stuff, the characters somehow manage to leave enough of an impression (at least the UK Special Forces characters do) that you actually end up caring about their fates by the end of the game. Things naturally get quite tense as the game works towards its conclusion, and the events that unfold are genuinely shocking.

Many were left quite speechless at the end of Modern Warfare, even those already hardened with life on the online servers, and Infinity Ward did a great job of making their story have a lasting impact.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences

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