The Top 100 PS3 Experiences


Co-op play in Red Alert 3

Command and Conquer was late on the scene, but still helped populate a genre largely abandoned on PS3. Real-time strategy perhaps isn't suited to the standard controller, but one thing that lends the game an edge over the competition is the enjoyable cooperative play. Teaming up with another commander and going to war with nearby enemies is a terrific experience with huge scope for teamwork.

Forging careful, coordinated attacks is crucial to victory, forcing good communication and teamwork from allied armies. Add to that the overacting camp craziness of the cast and it's a winning formula.

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Marco! Polo! Lol! Uncharted 2

Okay, okay, one of the silliest in the list, but I loved the moment at the top of the hotel building where the developers anticipated that many gamers would get Nathan Drake to leap straight into the pool. In doing so, it was only moments before he shouted Marco! And then insisted on hearing Chloe reply Polo!

Games like Uncharted 2 are as successful as they are not just for their grand spectacle and great graphics, but for their attention to the little details, to the complete experience, and this instance is just another example of the finer touches the game presents.

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PuzzleQuest RPG-puzzling greatness

Maybe I'm just too much of an RPG addict, but it seems mysterious that more games don't try this. PuzzleQuest brilliantly combines two genres to provide an addictive puzzle experience with extra motivation in the form of experience, levelling and a story to enjoy.

In both Challenge of the Warlords and the sequel, Galactrix, you play a Bejeweled-style puzzler in place of battles against enemies. It's terrific stuff, and both games are highlights on the Store.

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The E3 trailer for The Last Guardian

It's rare that a trailer can evoke such an incredible response, but at Sony's 2009 E3 conference, the trailer for The Last Guardian was greeted with great applause, and has since become one of the most famous PS3 trailers of all time. The incredible music, likeable characters and wonderfully crafted world lend the trailer a magical touch that promises great things for the main game.

Titles like Killzone 2 have shown that trailers aren't everything, but hopes are high that The Last Guardian will deliver, especially given the quality of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Fingers crossed for a gripping and emotional ride!

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Trophies for PSN

Though I remain sceptical about the way trophies are implemented in many games, the inclusion of these digital rewards has probably been a good thing for gamers, encouraging us all to get more from our games than we might otherwise. Some trophies are highly questionable (daft kill totals, things that require the internet, cheat codes, etc.), but overall they're fun to aim for.

Why the image of Final Fantasy XIII's Vanille? The game was the first I've seen that uses the trophies to unlock genuine rewards. Earning certain trophies in the game unlocks themes for the XMB, like the Vanille one pictured. It's a nice touch that should be encouraged.

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Taking on a Big Daddy in Bioshock

Though it's true that you might get used to such encounters by the end of the game, your first battle with a Big Daddy (likely to be a Bouncer with a massive drill arm) will leaving a lasting impression. The splicer enemies in Bioshock aren't that easy, especially with ammo in short supply, but the step up to dealing with a Big Daddy is incredible

With massive amounts of health, super-fast charge attacks that knock you off your feet, and persistence born from the need to protect a Little Sister, Big Daddy enemies are formidable, and to be treated with great respect.

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Owning The Lot in a Skate team

There's a wide variety of challenges to tackle in Skate, but one in particular lends itself brilliantly to team play: Own the Lot. The mode involves completing a wide variety of tasks in a designated area.

Observing what other skateboarders in your team are doing is crucial to ensuring you cover any tasks that aren't being handled, improving the chances that your team will finish within the time limit.

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Playing with TOW missiles in Warhawk

There's plenty of ways to cause destruction in Warhawk, but one that's quite a bit more fun than others is the TOW missile. Perhaps it's because the method leaves players vulnerable during use, or perhaps it's just the devastating effect the missile causes. A rare pickup on each level, the TOW is much sought after, and features a remote control setup that leaves your craft at the mercy of anyone who spots you.

The risk-reward nature of the weapon is superb, but it's also one of the best ways ot taking on pesky tanks and irritating turret campers.

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Exploring the rivers in Far Cry 2

To look at my trophy count, you might think I've scarcely touched Far Cry 2. In truth, the game's environment is so appealing that I've virtually ignored the main plot and gone off exploring instead. The rivers, in particular, are quite beautiful, and there's no better way to explore than by airboat.

Skimming up and down the rivers, admiring the picturesque setting, watching for patrols on the banks that might take a few potshots, and seeking out new areas is brilliant, and highly recommended.

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Spanking enemies in a beautiful world

DeathSpank might not be the most technologically advanced game, or have the most refined gameplay, but its worlds are beautiful and very colourful. It might seem unimportant, but it lends this fantasy world a great sense of wonder and mystery.

Compared with the dull grey settings of science fiction games like Killzone 2, the imagination in DeathSpank is out of this world. Which other games see you sprinting around an enchanted forest pursued by angry unicorns?

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