The Top 100 PS3 Experiences


Manic three-player leaping in PixelJunk Eden

PixelJunk Eden is meant to be about collecting pollen, seed pods and other bits and bobs within the time limit. With three players though, it becomes a circus event filled with tiny lunatics, each trying to perform the daftest jump. It's hilarious with friends, watching tiny pollen critters grabbing hold of eachother and swinging from branch to branch.

Expect shouts of Weeeeee, Woooooo, and Ahhhhhh throughout.

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The musical levels of Lumines

Puzzle games like Tetris, and now Lumines, live or die by the addictiveness of their puzzling gameplay, requiring a simple formula with far more potential than the few button pushes permissable might initially betray. Lumines takes things further, with the realization that the experience can be further enhanced visually and musically.

For each level in Lumines, there is a themed background, each quite varied, and accompanying tunes and sound effects to go with them. This is a masterful move, making the gameplay even more addictive, thanks to the adrenaline-pumping, inspiring music. Fantastic.

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Playing PixelJunk Monsters in co-op mode

With a plan, PixelJunk Monsters co-op is tremendous. Without, it's still great fun, thanks to the disorganized chaos that ensues. Instead of careful organization, players can squabble over coins, build their own style of defence and be generally uncooperative. Either way, it's great to see co-op gaming on the store, and it sets PJM apart from the crowd.

It's also quite hard, making the two-player addition very welcome. Getting through the toughest levels cleanly requires careful planning.

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Roaring through the canyons of Motorstorm

While continuing to wait, year after year, for Gran Turismo to finally arrive, the greatest racer for some time was Motorstorm. The first iteration may have had its flaws, but the beautiful HD canyons were an incredible introduction to next-gen gaming,

Arriving on release day, Motorstorm was an early eye-catcher, with scenery that, although not particularly varied from track to track, was absolutely stunning.

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Fight, fight fight... let's be Yakuza chums

There's something indescribably brilliant about Yakuza 3's blend of fighting and innocent day-to-day living. In particular, characters will fight over a matter of huge importance then, when the winner is decided, turn round and offer eachother a drink as they now move forwards with their lives.

The game isn't against violence, but in Yakuza, it always means something, and always sorts something out for the better. Following each fight, why not head off for a little karaoke, or a quick explore of the local park? It's beautifully varied and calm in places.

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Aphrodite's chamber in God of War 3

How naughty is that? Well, not very, but still, why not have a few boobs in games, especially when they look that good? All this violence everywhere, and it's boobs that cause more controversy. Personally, I'd consider shooting or consuming people in games to be quite a bit worse than a few boobs making an appearance.

So congrats to God of War for continuing with this boobtastic approach. It's not just fine, but also in keeping with the era and the goddess in question.

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Heading to Alpha Centauri in Civilization

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is a tremendously open game, with a vast array of methods for winning any match. Arguably the best, and most satisfying, is to make massive breakthroughs in Science, to become the first civilization capable of building a large enough space colony ship to make the journey to Alpha Centauri.

Blasting huge pieces of the ship into space, building the mighty vessel and then heading off on a voyage across the stars is tremendous.

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Exploring the mystical worlds of Trine

Possibly the most beautiful game released on the Store is Trine, with worls that are always bursting with intricate little features that lend it an incredible sense of realism. There's no shortage of imagination either, with varied colours, inventive lighting, and neat particle effects used to create a reality separate from the bog-standard alien worlds of most games.

Complemented by delicate music, the trio of characters charge, leap and craft their way through the game's levels, but it's down to the player to enjoy the spectacular display put on by the game's developers.

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Arcade Afterburner thrills

For those keen on re-living early gaming memories, the return of Afterburner on the Playstation Store is the perfect way to get started. Revamped with HD visuals, the Climax edition certainly does a few things differently, but underneath it's the classic Afterburner game that was so loved in the early 90s.

Cruising into the screen, taking on wave after wave of enemy planes, the sense of speed and coolness was awesome, and is perfectly recreated for the PS3 version.

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Striding over buildings in [Prototype]

Though nowhere near as polished or refined as inFamous, [Prototype] manages to do a lot of things very well. Primarily, it's the power the main character exudes, as the game lets you literally race up the sides of buildings, leap into the sky, soar across open spaces and crash down on enemy tanks.

You feel literally unstoppable in [Prototype], which is a well-recognized good thing in gaming - if only the sound effects had reflected that same power.

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences

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