The Top 100 PS3 Experiences


Watching early Killzone 2 trailers

Though the game didn't live up to everyone's expectations, there was something very exciting about watching early Killzone 2 trailers and seeing the promise they offered.

The flame effects, dynamic gameplay and epic conflict set a benchmark for PS3 that many games have gone on to match.

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Playing co-op Resistance 2

Taking co-op online play to the next level, Resistance 2 allowed eight players to team up and take on waves of Chimera, with special missions kept separate from the main campaign. The class choices ensured teamwork was crucial and the tough challenge brought players together.

Fond memories include taking on the largest Titans as a group, hiding behind a clanmate's shield and desperately hanging on for the win.

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Free demos and trailers on the store

Before the PSN store, demos would have had to have come from magazine discs or freebies, but now most games can easily be tested before purchase.

Adding to the demo fun are numerous trailers and even adverts, providing an easy way to collect info about games that interest you.

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Reaching space in Civilization Revolution

When the Civilization series reached PS3, with Revolution, turn-based strategy antics were the name of the game, and the favourite feature of all was the opportunity to head into space.

Forget beating your opponent with a big stick, or buying his stick, or learning about all the sticks, the best way to win is to head for Alpha Centauri!

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Recharging controllers with ease

Without meaning to take a dig at Nintendo's Wii controllers, it's sometimes inconvenient to have to extract batteries to recharge them, or to have to remember to have things charged in advance. With PS3 controllers, it was a great relief to see that charging was simply a case of temporarily plugging a wire into the back.

Being able to charge up so easily and continue playing at the same time was a crucial feature that greatly benefits the PS-playing experience.

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Watching GTA unfold in the next generation

When Grand Theft Auto IV arrived on PS3, it was amazing to see the series unleashed in HD on Sony's next-gen system. The generational leap was such that Liberty City was absolutely breathtaking compared with previous iterations.

Though not quite as alive in other respects (it was less ambitious than previous GTA games), GTA IV remains one of the best games on PS3, and Liberty City is absolutely beautiful to behold.

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Playing a user-created roller coaster in LBP

When you finally get started playing user-created levels in LittleBigPlanet, you might stumble across a few roller coasters, and some of them are absolutely, undeniably, incredibly: brilliant. The dedication and hours that must have gone into their creation are painful even to imagine, but there are undoubtedly many grateful players out there.

It's not just about roller coasters of course, there are tonnes of varied levels, including recreations of famous Mario and Sonic levels, and even pianos and calculators to play wih. Great stuff.

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First ever platinum

Many will remember their first platinum on PS3, even if trophies aren't particularly important to them. Achieving everything a game asks of you is quite a special feeling, especially given how tricky some of them can be.

While my own first platinums were easy ones like Uncharted and Burnout, there are many harder targets out there, and the experience never grows old. It might not be much fun just chasing trophies, but when one arrives for something good that you did in a game, the experience is only enriched.

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The power of Cole's lightning attacks

inFamous lacks the power and thumping ass kickery of [Prototype], but still packs its own decent punch. Unleashing a powered-up lightning attack at the enemy hordes is enough to make Cole seem like quite the powerful hero. With some meatier sound effects, it could have been incredible.

Making you feel a bit like a Sith Lord can't be a bad thing, and it handles lightning attacks better than The Force Unleashed, which is reason enough to be having fun here.

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Solving temporal puzzles in Braid

It's a nice moment in Braid when you realize that the game has outdone you for a moment, creating a puzzle you didn't even see coming. You can find yourself completely stumped, sat in the middle of a level completely unable to grasp the solution. How much does that beat puzzles involving doors with big red locks, featuring messages telling you that you might need a big red key, so that you'll go and find the big red key over the other side of the room?

Yup, Braid's a thinker, and a pretty game too. Absolutely worth a look!

Top 100 ExperiencesTop 100 Experiences

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