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Gone are the days in which a console had a single mascot, a Sonic or a Mario, ruling the roost and keeping all the other would-be heroes in their place. On PS3, there are a huge number of manly heroes ready to save the day, some highly generic, others not at all. In MeteorStorm's Top Guys of Gaming, the Top 40 on PS3 fight it out for the top spot. Click the links below to view each of the Top Guys.

MeteorStorm's Top 40 Guys of Gaming

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Times like these you know who your real friends are. They're not the ones running around looking for an escape route. They're the ones who stand at your side through the worst of it, who never give up on you. I'm lucky I can say I know someone like that.

Garrus Vakarian

So am I... You're not going to propose marriage now, are you?