Top Ladies of Gaming

Though there's still a bias towards men in the world of gaming, both in terms of the on-screen and off-screen presence, PS3 has seen some incredibly strong, intelligent and beautiful ladies. Lara Croft is no longer alone, and has in fact been outdone by many of the new wave of PS3 heroines.

In this list, MeteorStorm's Top Ladies of Gaming on PS3 fight it out for the top spot, in a way that can't possibly be demeaning. Click the links below to view each of the Top Ladies.

MeteorStorm's Top 40 Ladies of Gaming

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So... how are you getting drunk, anyway?


Verrry carefully. Turian brandy, tripled filtered, and introduced into the suit through an emerrrgency induction port.


That's a straw, Tali.


Emerrrgency. Induction. Port.