The Top 40 Ladies of PS3 Gaming



With an ability like Lilith's Phasewalk, the Siren from Borderlands is not a woman to be messed with. Capable of surging through enemy lines at lightning speed, undetected by the opposition, Lilith is there to slap soldiers in the face from where they least expect it.

The fact that she's smoking hot and knows the very best lady poses is an obvious bonus, but Lilith is this high in the list for more than just visuals. She's another of PS3's highly competent ladies, instead of some dopey damsel in distress.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Borderlands



Starring alongside the Prince of Persia himself, Elika is as powerful in battle as she is beautiful. Gracefully leaping into battle, she frequently saves the Prince from the jaws of disaster, with flawless reliability. On top of that, her power over nature and the elements enables her to transform the infected lands sending cascades of light and beautiful foliage in every direction, restoring the world to its naturial beauty.

With plenty of enjoyable banter with the Prince, and an emotional ending to the game, Elika is a most memorable character in the Persia series.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Prince of Persia



Possibly a contraversial choice, Vanille may be seen by some as petulant or annoying, but for many she's actually an incredibly sincere, thoughtful individual, who builds strong relationships with the people around her. The strongest bond is shared with Fang in Final Fantasy XIII, with the pair sticking together, no matter what.

With Square Enix going to town on cute good looks, Vanille has a hotness card to play as well, but she's a stronger character than her physical appearance lets on.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Final Fantasy XIII


Liara T'Soni

Liara is one of Commander Shepard's closest friends in Mass Effect, and her role in Mass Effect 2 is an extremely interesting one. Her species, the Asari, are well known for their highly attractive figures, and Liara is no exception, but like most Asari, her talents run far deeper. Capable of wielding biotic powers, Liara is fearsome in combat, but her technical skill is also renowned, making her a tremendous ally.

As Liara adapts her role in Mass Effect 2, she shows just how diverse and interesting her character is, and how much she cares for Shepard. It's her loyalty and skills that make her such an excellent character.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Mass Effect 2


Maiden in Black

In the world of Demon's Souls, there aren't a lot of safe places to be, but the keeper of the one safe haven you can always rely on is the Maiden in Black, a conduit of sorts between the human and demon worlds. Capable of granting you great power in exchange for souls, the Maiden in Black is crucial to your character's success.

There's something attractive about her apparent harmless, even beautiful exterior, which contrasts beautifully with the inherent power she wields. That she also says "touch the demon inside me" when you're seeking soul powers is probably a seductive aid to her overall attractiveness, but it's the self-reliance of the character, and kindness to those lost who have lost so much that make her the incredible character she is.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Demon's Souls



Despite being a digitial being, the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System, GLaDOS is so much more, and some clues as to her true identity are revealed in Portal 2. Regardless of her true name, her personality is one that has amused and amazed the current generation of gaming, through voicework and little more.

GLaDOS rarely appears in physical form in the Portal games, aside from a brief adventure as a potato, but her constant presence in nearly every puzzle you tackle is both comforting and disconcerting at the same time, with some of the greatest lines in gaming history.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Portal 2



Possibly the girl every single guy would like to meet, and the one every married guy should dread, Catherine is beautiful, playful, and knows exactly what she wants. Sadly for the men in her sights, this can spell doom, but not before you see some of the more interesting aspects of human relationships.

Catherine may appear to be only a physical beauty, but there is more substance than meets the eye and, as it turns out, far more danger. Not to be taken lightly, Catherine is an awesome character on PS3.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Catherine


Selvaria Bles

A fan favourite from the incredible Valkyria Chronicles, Selvaria Bles is an incredibly powerful but emotionally traumatized woman. Her fierce role in the game, combined with her excellent good looks, make her one of the most memorable characters in the game.

So popular was Selvaria that an expansion back based on her earlier adventures was released for the game. Her quiet resolve, decisiveness and commanding presence make her one of the strongest female characters on PS3, even if not the most emotionally developed. Plus, erm, cracking boobs Selvaria. So childish.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Valkyria Chronicles


Oerba Yun Fang

The Final Fantasy series of games is known for its strong ladies, with character like Tifa, Freya and now Fang leading the way. Tough as nails, Fang wields a powerful staff and will take on impossibly-strong enemies, but she still manages to remain foxily feminine, with an outfit that requires digital control to avoid revealing all in the midst of battle, Fang is a superb character, and one of Squaresoft's finest.

Though perhaps not the character you might initially warm to in Final Fantasy XIII, Fang's loyalty and devotion to family is tested well beyond normal limits, and Fang never buckles, eventually paying the ultimate price to protect those that she cares for.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Final Fantasy XIII



Part of the Quarian flotilla of survivors, Tali is one of the most memorable characters in Mass Effect, arguably for being incredibly cute, but also because, as The Normandy's engineer Donnelly puts it , her suit is quite snug in all the right places.

Much like the other ladies at the top of the list though, looks aren't Tali's only strength. Her loyalty to Shepard, and her devotion to the crew and the challenges they face make her one of the most instantly likeable characters in video gaming. Bioware have created a terrific character in Tali, and we hope to see her in Mass Effect 3.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Mass Effect 2

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