The Top 40 Ladies of PS3 Gaming



Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Catherine


Lara Croft

Top Ladies of PS3


Elena Ivanova

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Vanquish


Ashley Williams

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Mass Effect 3


Reimi Saionji

Top Ladies of PS3


Alicia Melchiott

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Valkyria Chronicles


Elena Fisher

Top Ladies of PS3


Chloe Frazer

When asked: Chloe or Elena? The actor behind Nathan Drake, Nolan North, brilliantly answered: why not both? Though he has an excellent point, for many the dark-haired beauty that is Chloe Frazer, voiced by the incredible Claudia Black, is the immediate choice. Though she has some moments of weakness in Uncharted 2, she quickly finds her feet, and proves herself to be one of the more interesting characters on PS3.

Capable of easily holding her own with combat, banter, climbing and whatever other task may come up, Chloe is an excellent addition to the Uncharted cast, and a great excuse to listen to Claudia Black.

Top Ladies of PS3



Lightning is a dazzlingly hot character that Square have clearly spent an enormous amount of time working on. Every element of her hair, face and clothing is pixel perfect. Were her personality as complex and beautiful as her face, she'd be a lot higher in this list, but her role in Final Fantasy XIII is kept very serious, with this main protaganist focussed entirely on saving the day, as opposed to being fleshed out fully.

With little time to stop for character development, there's plenty of scope to find out more about Lightning in upcoming sequels, but she is still one of the top ladies on PS3 for her single-minded dedication, determination and hot good looks.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Final Fantasy XIII


Naomi Hunter

It becomes very clear in Metal Gear Solid 4 that a lot of passionate people worked very hard on the character models, and a perfect example is the exquisite Naomi Hunter. The developers knew it too, and had en entire scene practically devoted to admiring their achievement, even adding in some comedy with Snake dropping and retrieving an item simply to catch a glimpse. Perviness aside, Naomi is obviously a hotstuff, but she's also incredibly intelligent, arguably the most intelligent in the game, in fact.

With her allegiances often unclear, and her scientific discoveries truly groundbreaking, Naomi is a highly complex character and one of the top ladies on PS3.

Top Ladies of PS3

Gaming role: Metal Gear Solid 4

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